About Us

Bringing Playing and Learning Together

It is a known fact that children enjoy playing. Play2Learn Pals are big fans of learning by playing. We intend to fuse the natural instinct of children with our innovative and interactive card and board games and create a magical world for children where children learn by playing. We believe that as the children play the learning would happen automatically, almost unconsciously, as they are likely to be eager, enthusiastic, curious, creative, motivated and engaged.

Fun with learning = Better learning

The company is based on the principle that ‘Children learn better and faster through playing’. Our focus is basically on making the process of making the learning experience memorable for the children with teachers playing a participatory and enabling role in the learning process.
We believe this interactive teaching and learning method kindles the children’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm, competitiveness, interactions, team spirit and will lead to very good learning outcome as the children are likely to be willing and motivated partners in the learning process. We also believe that the learning is likely to be not only absorbed better but also prove to be sticky and thereby retained better (as the children play the games repeatedly) laying a good solid foundation for the children.

Memorable Learning Environment

A learning environment that is Joyful, Interactive, Meaningful, Iterative and Engaging (JIMIE) is likely to make for a memorable learning environment for children. In fact, such classrooms would effectively become playrooms for children where they have fun with learning.
With the children being eager participants, the learning would happen automatically making the teachers’ job easy. The teachers’ role also becomes participatory and interactive as they become active participants while the children play the games. It will also enable the teachers to identify those who are learning better and those who are not doing so well and focus their attention on children who might need help. In this manner Play2Learn Pals would be children’s learning partner and teachers’ teaching partner.